Lawn, Garden, and Landscape

The University of Tennessee Extension in Sequatchie County can help with many lawn and garden questions. Many of the services are free or have a minimal charge.

There are many publications by UT Extension that can answer questions, and provide information for the beginner or the expert gardener.

UT Extension Sequatchie Co.
Horticulture and Gardening Monthly News & Notes

Contact Information

Sheldon Barker
Ext Agent III & Co Dir
Phone: 423-949-2611


​Services include

  • Insect Identification and Control
  • Weed Identification and Control
  • Disease Identification and Control
  • Plant Variety Recommendations
  • Plant Identification
  • Lawn Care and Management
  • Vegetable Garden Planning and Care
  • Soil Sampling (basic test is $15.00 + shipping)

Full list of UT Garden Publications 

​​Backyard Vegetables: The Tennessee Vegetable Garden​

​Lawn and Landscaping

Turfgrass Establishment

Turfgrass Maintenance